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Unsafe at Any Speed!

Unsafe at Any Speed! is the debut CD release by The Aquatudes. It contains 12 original songs that cover a range of instrumental rock styles, from surf to hot-rod to rockabilly, all packed with twang and reverb, catchy hooks, memorable melodies, and The Aquatudes’ trademark rambunctious delivery.

Check out this online review of Unsafe at Any Speed! from the folks at surfrockmusic.com!

Unsafe at Any Speed! was recorded at Dad’s Noisy Basement, in West Hartford, Conn., from spring of 2010 through spring of 2012. The recordings were produced and engineered by Tom Bittel, and mastered by Rich Silva at RASer Studios in Meriden, Conn. The Aquatudes are on the Oh, No Wonder record label.

You can order the CD or download mp3's online from CD Baby, from Deep Eddy Records, or get the digital downloads from iTunes, Amazon, or best yet, just buy the CD at the next Aquatudes gig - the guys will even sign it for you!

Track List:

  1. Corvair 500
  2. Sand in My Groove
  3. Mosquito Dance
  4. Take the Pipe
  5. Aquatudes Theme
  6. Dr. Why
  7. Shim Jambs Before Cutting Bands
  8. Cindy in the Sun
  9. Bongo Shmongo
  10. Lawnmower Stroll
  11. Roadtrip!
  12. Puncture & Incinerate

All songs written by Tom Bittel and arranged by The Aquatudes. Note that summertime Aquatudes member Dr. Dave contributes distinctive piano on track 1 and groovy combo organ on tracks 5, 6, and 8.

One-Set Wonders!
The Aquatudes can play a driving showcase set, spotlighting our growing list of catchy original tunes, interspersed with our versions of classic surf-rock, rockabilly, and early rock 'n roll favorites. This would be the typical format for a summer festival, outdoor concert, or any show with multiple bands. See below for videos of the Aquatudes in action!

Rock and Surf All Night!
The 'Tudes
are also available to play up to a full 3- or 4-set show featuring our original surf songs and including a variety of vocal and instrumental rock 'n roll tunes from the late-50's to mid-60's, when surf music was enjoying its first wave of popularity. When appropriate, we can supply hula-hoops and hand-percussion instruments for audience participation. Note that we are fully equipped with our own sound equipment/PA.

Cocktail Sets!
The Aquatudes are now pleased to offer low-key background music for events (or portions of events) where conversation, schmoozing, and networking are the objectives. We play a variety of exotica favorites as well as laid-back versions of some of the tunes on our Master List. Ask about our New Cocktail Sets!

  • View a Cocktail Set video sampler HERE.

We've posted our Master Song List, which we'll update as we learn or write new songs. It's split into stylistic categories for easy reference. There's plenty of material for any occasion or event!

Contact the Aquatudes at: 860-349-3241, or email: aquatudes (at) comcast (dot) net

Aquatudes Videos
Click on the song titles to see videos of the Aquatudes in action, with a mix of instrumental and vocal songs:

Original Songs (Some Instrumental, Some Vocals)

  1. Bongo Shmongo (original), performed at UConn in Storrs, CT on 4/24/14
  2. Mosquito Dance (original), one of our most popular tunes, performed at UConn in Storrs, CT on 4/24/14
  3. Three on the Tree (original), performed at Otto's Shrunken Head in NYC on 3/2/13.*
  4. Take the Pipe (original) very nicely recorded at the Dirt Salon, by First Up Films on 2/6/13.
  5. Lawnmower Stroll (original) from the Aquatudes' CD "Unsafe at Any Speed!" Cypress Grill, 9/22/12 - live debut of the song.
  6. Sand in My Groove (original) recorded by Wayne W. at Cruisin' on Main Street, Manchester, CT, 8/5/12 with Dr. Dave on keyboard.
  7. Shim Jambs Before Cutting Bands (original) from Black-Eyed Sally's, Hartford, CT, 5/25/12.
  8. Cute Girlfriend (vocal original) from Otto's Shrunken Head, NYC 3/3/12. Tom sings.
  9. Aquatudes Theme (original) from Cafe Nine in New Haven, CT, 8/31/11.

Cover Tunes (Other People's Music - some instro, some vocal)

  1. Stick Shift (cover - the Duals), Otto's Shrunken Head in NYC on 3/2/13.*
  2. Quiet Village (cover - Martin Denny), from Otto's Shrunken Head in NYC on 4/5/14.*
  3. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (Ventures-style), recorded by First Up Films at the Dirt Salon on 2/6/13.
  4. Mona My Love (cover - Wild Bill & the Blue Denims) recorded at the Dirt Salon, 11/2/12.
  5. Surfin' Safari (The Beach Boys) is given the Ramones treatment by the 'Tudes at the Durham Fair, 9/30/12. Tom sings the lead.
  6. Little Girl (by the Syndicate of Sound) with Mike on lead vocal. Black-Eyed Sally's, Hartford, CT, 5/25/12.
  7. The Hearse (Surf classic by the Astronauts) recorded at The Dirt Salon in Hartford, CT, by First Up Films in April 2012.
  8. Our Favorite Martian (Surf classic by Bobby Fuller) from the "Rock'n The Sound" Surfrider Foundation benefit, New Haven, 4/27/12.
  9. Harlem Nocturne (jazzy standard) from Otto's Shrunken Head, NYC 3/3/12.*
  10. Black Sand Beach (a Japanese Eleki classic by Yuzo Kayama - here played very quietly) from the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, 7/13.
  11. King of the Surf (Surf classic vocal by the Trashmen) from Otto's Shrunken Head, NYC 3/3/12. Tom sings it.*
  12. Secret Surfin' Spot (Dick Dale vocal tune) - most of the song, with Mike on the bass, from his first gig with us at a private party in March 2011. Tom sings lead
  13. Time is Tight (cover, by Booker T. and the MG's) the catchy and cool organ/Leslie tune with Dr. Dave taking the lead. Cypress Grill, 9/22/12.
  14. Green Onions (cover, Booker T. and the MG's) the organ-led classic with a very authentic Hammond sound by Dr. Dave.
  15. Black Slacks (cover, by the Sparkletones) with Tom and Dr. Dave doing their brotherly harmonies. Cypress Grill, 9/22/12.

*Filmed by surf music aficionado, Unsteady Freddie.

These are earlier videos with Fred Magetteri on bass.

  1. Summertime Blues (by Eddie Cochran) from the Swingin' Parrott Pub in Winsted, CT, 8/22/10. Thanks Ginny P.
  2. Mosquito Dance (original) from Two Boots, Bridgeport, CT, 5/13/10 (Thanks to Mike from Local Band Review).
  3. Secret Surfin' Spot - (Dick Dale vocal tune from the movie Beach Party), from Two Boots, Bridgeport, CT 5/13/10.
  4. Intoxica - (Surf classic)this is also from Two Boots, Bridgeport, CT, 5/13/10
  5. California Sun (Surf classic vocal) from Two Boots, Bridgeport, CT 5/13/10 (Thanks, Jenna Bascom!)
  6. Hawaiian War Chant (Hawaiian standard) given the Aquatudes' treatment at Two Boots, Bridgeport, CT 5/13/10
  7. His Latest Flame - (by Elvis Presley) from the Roaring Brook Nature Center, 1/30/10 (Thanks Ginny Pedersen!)
  8. Cindy in the Sun (original) at Otto's Shrunken Head in NYC, 10/3/09*
  9. Dr. Why (original) at Two Boots, Bridgeport, CT, 2//26/09*
  10. Corvair 500 (original) at Two Boots, Bridgeport, CT, 2//26/09*
  11. Bongo Shmongo (original) at the Stonewall Tavern, Storrs, CT, 1/2/09*
  12. Sand in My Groove (original) from our first gig ever, at the Zen Bar in Farmington, CT, 11/17/07.

*Filmed by Unsteady Freddie.

Original music copyright Thomas J. Bittel/The Aquatudes (BMI). All rights reserved. Music samples are provided for listening only and may not be used for any commercial purposes without expressed written permission from the author. Contact Tom by email at: bittelworks@sbcglobal.net

Copyright 2006-2015 Thomas J. Bittel/The Aquatudes

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